Sunday, November 06, 2005

Perfect Sunday Morning

It was a perfectly beautiful Sunday morning with warm weather for so late in the fall! I am writing this in my sewing studio with the window open and the wind chimes ringing. Makes for a great weekend when the weather is so awesome.

Had a great time Friday night with those musical friends at the opening night performance of "Damm Yankees" here in our little community theatre. It is a very small theatre and the stage is tiny--I wondered how they would pull such a big performance off in such a little space. Their staging was very good, with some backdrops on wheels with two sides serving as two different backgrounds. Good job and lots of fun.

Gizzie my puppy is absolutely amazed by the chew bone I brought home. He is crunching happily at my feet. Don't think I have ever seen him have this much fun chewing--maybe now he will leave my shoes alone.

Just made contact with an awesome new crafter that I am looking forward to adding to my web site. Jan sent me some samples and they are gorgeous. I already have an order for a doggie tote. Great seamstress!

I tried my best to get my partner CJ down here to the Outer Banks for a weekend away. Even told her it was a mandatory Handmade Heaven staff workshop. She just lives too far, she needs to relocate below the Mason Dixon.

Mistletoe craft festival this weekend, trying to get everything ironed and tagged. It never fails, the first thing somebody asks about will have lost it's tag! everytime!

Gotta run and hit the yard. I want to enjoy it while it's so nice.

Hugs, Sandy


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