Friday, December 09, 2005

Things Have Finally Slowed down here. . .

Things have been rather hectic the last of November and beginning of December and this little dress, bloomers, and hat is to blame! Pretty innocent looking outfit right? That's what one would think, but it was caused me problems--everyone wanted one! Can't blame them they are way too cute. My seamstress and I have worked really hard and are now pooped out. One problem: I have one little size 1T, 3T, and 5T left. Please adopt them and give them a great home. They are on holiday special for $40.00 plus shipping. There adorable outfits need a good home--come on grandmas!

We have actually had a great year here at Heaven! New designers and seamstresses have been added to the family with great ideas and cutie patootie designs. Take a peak

It's pretty scary out there with the desperate shoppers and particularly the procrastinators! Watch out! I know cause my hubby is one of them~!!!!


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