Sunday, December 11, 2005

Good Sunday to ya!

Just have to report, Molasses Creek was wonderful! A combo of folk, bluegrass, carols, just wonderful! We heard in addition to beautiful voices the violin, guitar, bass, banjo, sqeeze box, autoharp, and more. Outstanding!

It's cold, I know some of my northern friends and associates will chuckle, but to this poor southern girl, this is cold. My husband is out playing tenis, yep, outside. It's funny really. He is such a hot weather guy, heat does not phase him. I am always fussing he will get too hot. He hates playing when it's cold--but had to follow through--it's a macho thing I guess! Can't wait to hear his report.

Went fabric shopping in the Outer Banks and found great big zany dots are stylish. Lots and lots of dots. I have a line of girl's jumper dresses on the drawing board using these fabrics. I am thinking of calling it: Dots are hot, or Hot Dots, something along those lines. Big and bold. Some of the fabrics lend themselves to matching little boy's rompers too. Now I just need to get sewing. Designing is one thing, sewing and getting the piece made is sometimes another. Motivation!

Signing off now! Stay warm!


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