Thursday, July 27, 2006

Too hot to think about fall, but SCHOOL is about to start!

With a heat and humidity index of a zillion degrees here in coastal NC, it doesn't seem possible the start of school is less than 4 weeks away! AND it's time to get those fall fashions on the web site and ready for our great customers!

We have a couple of cute Halloween baby jumpers that could easily work as a costume too. I remember when my kids were small, I just hated putting them in those store bought costumes, especially with those masks. I was never sure they could see out of the blasted things are not! We have these dresses for 18 months/1T and 2/3T that you might be interested in. They feature a black bodice with an appliqued spider and a cutie pie skirt with baby spiders and webs. The webs glow in the dark a bit and while it won't take the place of mom's careful guidance, it will make your little tyke just a bit easier to see in the dark. Add some makeup, tights and a top, a few chenille antennae, and viola a cute little spider outfit!

These are specially priced at $22.00 plus $4.50 shipping. Don't wait, not many of these left!



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