Thursday, August 31, 2006

Andre Aggassi Hot at His Final US Open!

Ernesto may be threatening to drown us here in coastal NC, but the weather is fine for Thursday night play between Agassi and Baghdatis. Right now the beloved "old man" of tennis is ahead 2 sets, working on the third. Of course, the whole stadium is pulling for Andre--they had one incredile "wave" go through the crowd that stopped play. Awesome. I have been following Andre since he was a long haired punk and will hate to see him leave tennis. Not a tennis fan, well you should be~! LOL! Visit, for more information about the biggest tennis party in New York City. If you haven't heard, the center where they play was renamed this week in honor of Billy Jean King, one of the early women champions and a tireless leader in the fight for women's tennis and equal rights, opportunities, and pay for women athletes everywhere.

In honor of the US Open, a sale for my tennis friends. Send me a picture of you playing tennis and receive 20% off any fabric item on the web site! Now that's a promotion for a fan!


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