Tuesday, March 20, 2007

St Patty's Day Weekend-Fun!

Not only were we invited to a great party for St Patty's day party at my friends house Linda and Richard, but we had the best company for the festive weekend! My son, Sammy, and his girlfriend Meredith came to vist and it was go much fun! Just a couple of weekends ago, my daughter Kelly and her fellow Michael came for the weekend, so I am one happy mom. Linda and Richie always throw a nice party, with great food, lots to drink, and good conversation and friends.
Meredith is a violin virtuoso who has been playing since she was three, so I asked her and Sammy to provide a wee bit of the Irish jig for the party. They sounded so great and added a festive note. I was so proud! Only thing is: note to self: never volunteer to make cabbage for that many people. My house still smells funky!
The weekend continued with an overdose of basketball as Carolina continues it's race through the NCAA and NC State battles on in the NIT.
Rah ACC!

We have a great new outfit--another poodle one--and of course pink! This is a 2 piece ensemble that uses a purchased cotton shirt as the top. Available in sizes 1T-14. Only as long as fabric supply lasts!


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