Friday, December 30, 2005

Welcome 2006!

It's the new year, and I am ready. Already have some spring fashions ready and several on the drawing board. I am particularly excited about this little kittie bling jumper with frizzy fur trim on the hem.

The entire outfit is made from a wonderful line of fabrics by Michael Miller--I love pink and green together. The bodice features french cats, very stylish! I have a matching green romper for little brothers on the drawing board too! Check back soon. See this and all my creations at

Christmas with the fam was the best in several years. We stayed at a local motel, but we were close enough to hang out and left when I got too tired or stressed. There were 17 people and four dogs at my mom's and yes, it was hectic. It was good to see my sisters and of course, my own grown kids. They are both grown up, educated, and employed thank God, but

I still see the little kid in them at Christmas. My niece and daughter absolutely loved the purses CJ made for them! Very funky and well made. Other great purses can be seen through her ebay auctions, just search for seamsbycyndijo. This is one of my business partners and I can't speak highly enough of her talent for design.

Speaking of purses, my little niece who is eight and a tomboy loved her little purse too. Her dad is a UNC alum, so the family is very much into the Tarheels. She is such a hoot! She said she didn't like girlie girl stuff, but that the purse "rocked". Kids! Visit my pal at to see more of these cute little purses and great handmade hair bows!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Count down to Christmas! Shopping almost done!

Shopping is almost done, yeah! Using a lot of my own handmades for gifts this year, very proud of that fact. Would love to start in January and make something special for all the peeps and family for next year. We will see how it goes. Husband's birthday in January--already making "Tarheel" curtains for his MAN room. (He has a bedroom he has turned into "his" room)

I have a couple of kiddie custom clothes to add to my bargain pages: one is a Reindeer jumper/dress with an awesome embroidery of rudie all tangled up in lights. These sold from the web site quite well, but I have one little dress left--pretty sad to be alone! This little dress is a size 4T and features great custom made features not found on ready made clothing. The bodice is fully lined and feature the reindeer applique. The skirt has matching reindeer fabric. Worn with a turtleneck and tights, this would make a wonderful outfit. If you have a little whippersnapper that will be a 4T next Christmas, this is a great close out price for this little dress! Only $20 plus $3.00 shipping and she is yours. Look at this cute pix! For some reason, my pictures are not uploading properly. I will try to check back and fix this later. Check my web site for pix of this great jumper.

Friday, December 16, 2005

New little Diva Jumper

Adorable little Diva jumper makes for a great New year's outfit. This outfit will have your little darling looking at the world in a "rosy" way. Available in toddler sizes 2, 3 and 4. Visit my web site for more information or to see more great children's designs!

By the way, it's the last full weekend before Christmas. Hope you find everything you need and that you and yours have a great holiday weekend!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Bargain Pages--Santa Vest

I decided to offer a few bargain items that are seasonal closeouts here on the blog. You can email me for a Paypal invoice or to ask questions. This are great brand new, first quality items--I just don't have anywhere to store them unless I move out on the backporch!Thanks for looking!
It's holiday time and I am cleaning out my stash of goodies, so take advantage of the great savings! All items are custom made in our sewing studios from all new materials, so rest assured you are getting a great bargain and a quality made garment!

This vest is made from a panel and is very cute and bright front and back. It is a royal blue with snowflakes, Santa, reindeer, and sleepy village. It is lined in coordinating blue cotton and would be washable. It is a size large.

These are first quality items I have on sale, have just sold the other sizes and want to move them out to make way for spring goodies!

Send me an email for a Paypal invoice or to ask questions. Check my web site at: http//

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Good Sunday to ya!

Just have to report, Molasses Creek was wonderful! A combo of folk, bluegrass, carols, just wonderful! We heard in addition to beautiful voices the violin, guitar, bass, banjo, sqeeze box, autoharp, and more. Outstanding!

It's cold, I know some of my northern friends and associates will chuckle, but to this poor southern girl, this is cold. My husband is out playing tenis, yep, outside. It's funny really. He is such a hot weather guy, heat does not phase him. I am always fussing he will get too hot. He hates playing when it's cold--but had to follow through--it's a macho thing I guess! Can't wait to hear his report.

Went fabric shopping in the Outer Banks and found great big zany dots are stylish. Lots and lots of dots. I have a line of girl's jumper dresses on the drawing board using these fabrics. I am thinking of calling it: Dots are hot, or Hot Dots, something along those lines. Big and bold. Some of the fabrics lend themselves to matching little boy's rompers too. Now I just need to get sewing. Designing is one thing, sewing and getting the piece made is sometimes another. Motivation!

Signing off now! Stay warm!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Good Saturday Night

The hubby and I are getting dressed to go see a group at the community college called Molasses Creek. Never heard them before, but I understand they are quite good. From the Outer Banks. Should be interesting--bluegrassy type stuff. Give me live music and I am happy.

The soccer shirts I ordered for my nephews came in today--whew! they were on back order and I was not a happy camper. This is the second set that had been canceled: out of stock is a bad word this close to Christmas! Thankfully they are here. Now all I need is a yoga mat and I am pretty much in business. Looked at the local sporting goods store here last night--can you say "junque"? Will have to go online for this one.

Will report on the group, although they would have to be pretty bad not to enjoy it--I need a night out!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Things Have Finally Slowed down here. . .

Things have been rather hectic the last of November and beginning of December and this little dress, bloomers, and hat is to blame! Pretty innocent looking outfit right? That's what one would think, but it was caused me problems--everyone wanted one! Can't blame them they are way too cute. My seamstress and I have worked really hard and are now pooped out. One problem: I have one little size 1T, 3T, and 5T left. Please adopt them and give them a great home. They are on holiday special for $40.00 plus shipping. There adorable outfits need a good home--come on grandmas!

We have actually had a great year here at Heaven! New designers and seamstresses have been added to the family with great ideas and cutie patootie designs. Take a peak

It's pretty scary out there with the desperate shoppers and particularly the procrastinators! Watch out! I know cause my hubby is one of them~!!!!